Philosophy & Mission Statement

Focus Volleyball Club has been established in order to provide an opportunity for school aged athletes to develop volleyball skills and to compete in a setting that encourages excellence in individual and team achievement, leading to a life-long love for volleyball.

The club will also provide a structure that will facilitate the operation of individual teams in terms of financial support, booking of facilities, providing equipment, quality coaching, communication and supervision. All of these things are necessary to provide a safe, competitive and enjoyable volleyball experience.

Athletes, coaches and parents will benefit from this organization because:

  • Common organizational and record keeping functions are centralized.
  • Individual coaches have access to highly experienced coaches.
  • A more significant, on-going club should be able to access sponsors and other financial support.
  • Athletes and coaches are part of a larger team whose combined accomplishments will continue to attract higher level athletes and coaches.
  • Parents have the option of playing a specific role in the club, according to their inclination.
  • The club will offer a complete range teams for the various age classifications.

Team Composition and Court Time

All teams will be coached by at least one coach whose primary responsibility is that team. Other coaches may be involved and senior coaches will oversee the operation of all teams.

Athletes will be assigned to particular teams based on consideration of a variety of factors including:

  • Providing a good playing and development experience for an individual athlete.
  • Ensuring viability of teams.
  • Providing a reasonable opportunity for all teams to succeed.

Upon completion of tryouts the coaches will meet to discuss the athletes and teams and arrive at team lists based on the criteria outlined above. If the coaches are not able to reach agreement regarding the placement of athletes on teams, then the Board of Directors will make the decision.

In general, athletes will be assigned to play for teams within their own age group. Players who feel the may benefit from playing at an older age category may apply to play up by completing and submitting an application. While players may play from time to time on different teams within the club (providing they meet Volleyball BC’s age guidelines), they are only permitted to participate in one provincial championship. In addition, players born after August 31st of a given year may try out for the younger age category (one year below their regular age group). Please note,  players must pay the try out fee for EACH age category that they wish to try out for.  In assigning teams, the coaches in consultation with the board will assign players.

Athletes who cannot make a full commitment to their team at the beginning of the season with respect to the practice and competition schedule should understand that their role during competitions may be limited, at the discretion of the coaches. The coaches should clarify this type of situation at the beginning of the season of when he/she becomes aware that the athlete’s role will be limited.

Volleyball is becoming more and more specialized by position through the use of the libero and substitution rules. Therefore, some athletes will necessarily enter and leave the court throughout the match, while others will remain on the court continuously.

During the playoffs of tournaments and during Provincial Championships or National Championships, athlete substitutions will become more strategic than routine. If a particular combination of athletes has been found to be more effective, in these situations, in order to achieve the best possible results, a regular rotation of athletes may not be the norm. This being said, all athletes should be given the opportunity to perform in these situations throughout the season.

Expectations of Parents

Ideally two parents from each team will become involved to assist the coach with phoning, road trip supervision, and fund raising activities. Assistance is also required and requested for organizing and hosting tournaments, operating concessions at the tournaments, score keeping, and minor officiating.

Coaches are responsible for determining playing time and court positions for athletes. Parents are not permitted on the court during matches unless specifically requested by the coaches to assist in some capacity. Should a parent wish to discuss an athlete’s playing time, position or any other issue they should do so before or after practices, not at matches.

Expectations of Athletes

The athletes are expected to participate in their team with an open and positive mind. They should recognize that it requires continuous hard work and FOCUS in order to improve individually and as a team. The philosophy of the club is to provide a venue where athletes will improve and excel during competition.

Athletes will be advised of the practice and competition schedule as soon as it becomes available. Each member of the team (and parents) must make a financial and time commitment at the beginning of the season. This includes a commitment to the Provincial Championships and the National Championships if these competitions are part of the planned schedule. Athletes must pay all fees and deposits prior to the first practice following selection to the team. No athlete will train with the team until the fees are paid.

Athletes will advise their coach as soon as possible if they need to miss a practice. They will provide at least one week’s notice of missing a tournament for which they had previously made a commitment. Athletes cannot expect a rebate in fees if they cannot attend the full competition schedule.